SAVE up to 60% On Dental Fees

Rancho Dental Health Services

Thank you for your interest in Rancho Dental Health Services Membership Plan. We at Rancho Dental Health Services are excited to offer our patients the unique benefit of significant savings on quality dental care. Since RDHS is privately owned, we are able to offer you what many others can not, namely our exceptional care at reduced fees, all with you in mind.

We are happy to have you join those who have discovered a great way to receive quality care AND great savings. So, welcome to Rancho Dental Health Services Membership Plan!

Take Advantage Of Major Savings On Dental Care

Rancho Dental Health Services has developed a Membership Plan to give you significant savings on quality dental healthcare. Through RDHS you and your eligible dependents can join a new “prepaid” dental membership plan.

Complete Dental Coverage

  • General Dentistry
  • Adults and Children
  • Orthodontic - Braces
  • Endodontics - Root Canals
  • Oral Surgery - Implants and Extractions
  • Periodontics - Gum Treatment
  • A reduced fee dental plan for individuals, couples and families.

Membership Enrollment Options

Membership One Year Two Years*
Member Only $93 $149
Member +1 $143 $229
Family (Member +2) maximum of 3    $185 $296
Seniors (over 62) $62 $100

*Two year plan includes a 20% discount on membership fees.

Who Is Eligible To Enroll?

Single individuals, domestic partners, married couples and their dependents are eligible. Dependents are eligible up to 26 years of age (regardless of whether the dependent is attending school, living outside of the parents’ home or married). Membership maybe continued for a dependent over the age of 26, if the dependent is incapable of self-sustaining employment by reason of developmental or physical handicap. Parents or guardians who would like to enroll children or dependents on their own plan may do so.


How Do I Join The Dental Plan

There are two easy ways to join and start saving up to 60% on dental fees.

Call us at 909-581-9866
Visit our dental office located at:
Rancho Cucamonga Dental Care
10470 Foothill Blvd., Suite 126
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

*Advantages Of The Rancho Dental Health Services Membership Plan

  • Affordable Quality Dental Care

  • No Denials

  • No Claim Forms

  • No Waiting Period for Treatment

  • No Prior Authorizations

  • No Limits on Treatment Frequency

  • Can Be Combined With Your Current Dental Insurance

Full Service Dentistry and
Orthodontics for Children and Adults


Plans starting at $93 per year

*Limitations and Exclusions
  • Dentures or partials replacement once every five (5) years from initial placement or replacement and only if existing denture is unsatisfactory and can not be made satisfactory.
  • Relines - two (2) per year.
  • Prophylaxis - once every six (6) months.
  • Full mouth x-rays - once every two (2) years.
  • Any condition which benefits are recovered or recoverable under any Workers Compensation.
  • Dispensing of drugs.
  • Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome. (TJS)
  • General anesthesia

Membership Prices Below Are For General Dentist Services
Dental Specialist pricing upon request.

Download the brochure PDF

Membership Prices Below Are For General Dentist Services

Dental Specialist pricing upon request.

Diagnostic Services

Full Mouth X-rays: $18

Single Film: $6

Each additional film: $5

Oral exam and diagnosis: $15

Office visit: $10

Preventive Dental Care

Prophylaxis: One per year.

Teeth Cleaning and Polishing: $55

**Preventive dental education: No Charge

**Prophylaxis - second cleaning: $40

Restorative Dentistry **

(Fillings) Composite restoration (anterior)

One surface: $93

Two surfaces: $94

Three or more surfaces: $114

Composite (white-posterior)
One surface: $92

Two surfaces: $116

Three surfaces: $142

Crown and Bridge *

Porcelain with metal crown: $585

Stainless Steel Crown

(Permanent or Primary) : $95

Dowel Post: $75

Porcelain fused to metal pontic: $585

Recementation: $20

Crown buildup: $65

Oral Surgery

Extractions (Simple) Local anesthesia: $80

Extractions (Surgical): $125

Soft tissue impaction: $80% URC

Partial boney impaction: $80% URC

Full boney impaction: $80% URC

Treatment Of Gums


Subgingival curettage (root planing) : $124 per quandrant

Gingivectomy per quadrant (including post surgical visits): 80% UCR

Osseous or muco-gingival surgery per quadrant (including post surgical visits: 80% UCR

Gingivectomy, or gingevosplasty per quadrant (fewer than six teeth): 80% UCR

Root Canal Therapy


Pulp capping: $33

Root canal therapy anterior: $395

Root canal therapy bicuspid: $474

Root canal therapy molar: $635

Pulptomy: $98



Complete maxillary Denture: $926

Complete mandibular Denture: $926

Partial acrylic upper or lower with chrome cobalt alloy linqual or palatal bar and acrylic Saddles-base fee including teeth: $896

Partial lower or upper acrylic with chrome cobalt cast metal clasps-base: $896

Slayplate-base: $350

Denture Reline (Laboratory): $220

Replace broken or missing teeth each Additiona: $40

Denture adjustments (New work): $20

Replace clasp: $70

Space maintainer (Fixed band type): $265

Space maintainer (Crown type): $265

Space maintainer (Lingual type): $265


(24 months) active treatment, including records and Retention: $3768

Other Charges

After hours emergency: $150

Appointment cancellations: $50

* Gold will be charged at an additional fee.
** Any procedure not listed in the above benefit schedule or performed by a Specialist is available to members at 80% of the Specialist’s usual and customary Fee Schedule.
*** Usual Customary Rate (UCR)